Grassroots theory of online Entrepreneurship

want to achieve a life counter attack, not always want to do grass-roots, online business is the best choice, no degree limit, no experience restrictions, many ordinary people through the network business to reverse its life.

here, six grassroots arguments will help you a helping hand, walk along the direction of the argument, persist in practice on the road, will be able to break the old world and build a new era. These six basic points are: Strategic argument, profit model argument, speed argument, elevator argument, the tortoise and the hare argument, market barriers argument.

A, strategic argument

on the network to talk about strategy and children like to talk about ideals, not the strategy is not magnificent, but the ideal is too far.

The core idea of

then no strategic guidance, how to ensure success? Network needs of the profit model, with a clear profit model, in order to achieve the purpose of lofty, in order to ensure the maximum likelihood of success.

two, profit pattern argument

except for purely spiritual pursuit in the network, otherwise must take into account this problem. Talk about profit model is not shameful, not to talk about profit model is shameful, even how to make money is not to consider, how can you ensure that your team can develop, your pay is not in vain? China’s network currently has three profit model.

mode: eye model. With large flow, the portal as representative, people more powerful, founder Zhang Zhaoyang. The basic point is: there is a popular network of customers, customers have the opportunity to business. This has been through a large number of Sohu, Sina and a wide range of content portals have been confirmed. However, with the scarcity of resources from the network to the excess, if you can not become the industry portal, profit opportunities have been about small. Especially for the individual entrepreneurial website, if attempts and current portal oligarchs to share it, is undoubtedly a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

mode two: content model. Content based information, with the gradual increase in the number of pages, network resources from the scarcity of the economy into a surplus economy, from the seller’s market into a buyer’s market. With more and more products and services offered on the Internet, it becomes more and more difficult to find useful information. It can also clearly see a trend

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