What is the doorway open a cigarette and liquor vendor

smoke Hotel, as the name suggests is the main business of tobacco, which can be very large profits of goods, if properly managed, money is not a problem. Because of this, cigarette and liquor vendor is people throughout the high streets and back lanes, familiar with the business, the investment is not only about 100 thousand yuan, but some cigarette and liquor vendor business is booming, and some cigarette and liquor vendor may wish to look at the industry but a deserted house, and experts is how to answer, opened a cigarette and liquor vendor and what way?

location: restaurants, community PK government agencies, business

Chinese Brand Strategy Institute executive president, Zhejiang wine Shanghai headquarters general manager Yang Qingshan pointed out that the location for the cigarette and liquor vendor is critical, exaggeration to say that if the cigarette and liquor vendor location success, the operator can sit in the shop waiting for business!

view 1: the restaurant is surrounded by a golden circle

Tianjin, a smoke hotel owner Lee said that I have a small restaurant around the size of 7 restaurants, only a few restaurants every day to bring me a million guests of water, business is pretty good. After all, in China there is no wine is not a seat of the custom.

reporter survey:

According to our reporter

combined with more peer survey, found a restaurant basically where there is a cigarette and liquor vendor and the business are acceptable, but the biggest problem is the fierce competition, after all, many people are aware of this idea.

view 2: the number of residents of not less than 5000 mature communities are also suitable for shop

, a large chain of smoke in Zhengzhou City, the person in charge of the introduction of Wang Ronghua, for some of the early investors, the choice is also a good choice in the vicinity of a mature community shop. First of all, the rent of the community is cheaper than the dining area, secondly, there are also some food and beverage enterprises around the mature community, people need to go out to buy a meal if they drink, naturally will go to the store consumption. But there are two conditions for this shop, first, the number of permanent residents can not be less than 5000 people, and the second is the general choice of shops in the outlet, because people go out to buy wine is much higher than the probability of people go home to buy wine in the probability of the two.

reporter survey: according to the survey, in the vicinity of the upscale community smoking hotel survival rate is higher, the main and upscale community residents younger, frequent dining out associated.

view 3: government agencies, large enterprises near the shop, there is no flow of sales

hidden Wine Storage Chain Management Ltd. Mr. Jia pointed out that in government agencies, large enterprises near the shop is also a good choice, although these areas like restaurants, community as a large flow of people, but due to the regional.

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