Beijing palm power APP for power purchase services can be handled Online

The advent of the era of the Internet economy,

provides a lot of convenience for our lives, and now the Internet with the power of smart services, more in the broad masses of the people. In January 12, 2017, the reporter in the country to experience the new Beijing Electric Power Company launched the "Internet plus power marketing service" intelligent interactive platform, marking the Beijing area electric power service from offline to online upgrade of the public to apply for the purchase of electricity, repair, installation and other electric business can log the pocket power APP platform for online.

it is understood that the national of Beijing electric power "Internet plus power marketing service" intelligent service platform mainly includes "pocket power" and "resident version of the APP pocket power enterprise version of APP, is a real-time online interaction, the power of the OTO service platform, covering the purchase of electricity services, repair services, office electrical service, high customer service business in one, realized the power from the business office, the hotline accepted the next line of business transfer to the mobile phone APP accepted online.

Internet plus the purchase of electricity services Residents homes will be able to purchase

2015 at the end of the year, the national electricity in Beijing has basically completed 7 million 800 thousand free replacement work of smart meter and the basis for the purchase of electricity services to enhance the customer experience, the national of Beijing electric power construction "Internet plus purchase service platform, residential homes, you can through the" pocket power, WeChat, APP Alipay and other channels to purchase convenient.

at the same time, 24 hours to open the emergency power delivery services to achieve integration of online and offline services. It is understood that the city’s current purchase rate of 60%, emergency power delivery service received a total of 400 thousand pen, the average length of electricity issued by an average of about 8.6 minutes, lower than the initial speed of half.

Internet plus repair service "power drops" in command of

calls for less than 20 minutes, the power repair personnel to the scene. In the home before the blackout, call the service phone after they reach repair can only wait for the time commitment, now have a handheld mobile phone power APP, power failure repair, electrical repairs who come from where to arrive, with convenient use ‘drops’! You see, even the workers what can see, too much!" Fengtai District citizens Tian Liying use palm power APP repair service, said.

recently, the national electricity in Beijing launched the pocket power APP power repair services, public emergency power at home, there are balance in ascertaining the meter in the case, can be a key repair by "pocket power APP, the public can timely repair after the repair personnel information, location information, is expected to the arrival time, tracking progress, and the repair service recommendation

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