Beijing Forestry University to focus on employment and entrepreneurship in order to cope with the cu

in response to the call of the Ministry of education in 2016, the reform of entrepreneurship education, Beijing Forestry University said it would further standardize the work of employment and entrepreneurship. In order to more professional development of college students employment support.

it is reported that as one of the first batch of Beijing demonstration area construction of University Entrepreneurship Center, Beijing Forestry University also supported the 10 "three hit" services and 4 entrepreneurship education characteristics of the project, organize the distinctive characteristics of entrepreneurship competition and outstanding alumni start-ups support programs for students and graduate alumni to achieve the entrepreneurial projects and start-up the full coverage of support.

2016 college graduates employment has been gradually launched, a new generation of entrepreneurs will be born from this group of students. The awesome in support of entrepreneurship policy, we look forward to the arrival of outstanding record passenger.

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