Bank balance of money to get more worried about being framed by banks

bank card suddenly a lot of money is certainly very impatient, but this year there is no pie in the world a good thing, a lot of money on the bank card suddenly, it will be very worried about not only. Recently, Zhengzhou, a man’s bank balance more money, fear of being framed by banks.

"my bank card, took two money cards more ten, too scary. I suspect they set me up to induce crime." March 9th, Zhengzhou citizens Mr. Ge complained to the media.

because card information is Mr. Ge, Mr. Ge worried about the adverse effects on their own, coordination of Mr. Zhang to repayment. Mr. Zhang also paid 30 thousand yuan. A few days later, Mr. Zhang also arranged for people to withdraw 40 thousand, ready to repay the bank again. However, it is even more unexpected is that the bank once again made a mistake: it was withdrawals 40 thousand yuan, the bank was deducted only $4000, less deduction of $36000. Plus the last time to change the deposit deposit, more than 98 thousand yuan on the card, and this time the deduction of less than $36 thousand, a total of more than $134 thousand on the card. Deduction has also lost 30 thousand yuan, the card is also more than $104 thousand.

bank deliberately framed his worry

"the first mistake is probably unintentional, but this with a bank card, a bank, a few days, and it. I’m afraid they were deliberately set up for a crime. If I don’t know how much money on the card, I get the money on the card, they may accuse me of unjust enrichment or illegal occupation, arrested me. Then I will become Zhengzhou Xu Ting, you said that I am not injustice, afraid?" Mr. Ge said that he suspected the bank in the first error, deliberately set up, the first recommendation

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