Development of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Higher Vocational Education with Five Gu

the last two years, college graduates engaged in entrepreneurial work more and more people, and even affected many college students also began to join the venture. The innovation and entrepreneurship education in China’s colleges and universities has started, but most of the secondary vocational schools are still in zero start state.

one must have a culture guarantee. Cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial culture, create a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship. Encourage and advocate innovation and entrepreneurship, support and support innovation and entrepreneurship, mobilize and attract students to innovation and entrepreneurship, the formation of innovation as an honor to start a strong atmosphere of entrepreneurship. Rely on, everyone to share for the country, innovation, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment.

two have to ensure teachers. Pay attention to the construction of double qualified teachers. No innovative teachers, students can not cultivate innovative. It is difficult to cultivate the students with the ability to start a business without the experience of entrepreneurial ability. Schools should be sent out, the introduction of other ways to train teachers’ ability to innovate and adapt to the needs of innovation and entrepreneurship education. As the occupation school teachers, not only the classroom can say, but in practice can be done, both in theory and in production is the expert is an expert can compose and perform military exercises. It must have a sense of innovation, never complacent, always pay attention to innovation, committed to innovation, reform and revolution of production technology.

three have a guaranteed base. Vocational education, we must strengthen the practice base construction. Innovation and entrepreneurship education, not air, air guns, must be honest, down to earth, closely linked to actual business, must aim at production practice. We must highlight the practice teaching, pay attention to experiment, training and practice base construction, to carry out school enterprise cooperation, cooperation, combination and integration of production and education, the classroom moved to workshop, moved to the fields to teaching and learning, unity, and effectively improve the practical ability of students, to cultivate students’ innovation ability.

four to guarantee policy. Innovation and entrepreneurship education must be supported by government policy. In the "double" era, the government should introduce a package of policies, from the aspects of project approval, tax relief, credit support, technical guidance, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial enthusiasm and interest. At the same time, the organization to carry out Internet plus innovation and entrepreneurship competition, occupation skills contest, testing students’ innovative ability and practical skills, to promote education, to promote competition, constantly adjust and improve teaching.


capital guarantee. No money can not do anything, the start of any project, the implementation, are inseparable from the money. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

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