Did not expect mosquito coils can create extraordinary wealth

estimates that many people are hard to imagine, mosquito can also create enormous wealth, you must be very puzzled, in fact, this is a real purpose, the masters of the continuous mosquito market bigger, stronger, here’s a look at how he did it.

in the face of increasingly saturated domestic pesticide market, has 86 years of history of the Foma company began development focus to move overseas, take evasive, pulling the mopping up strategy in the overseas market, especially the penetration of the huge potential of the rural town, seek a broader space for development. Indonesia market is the focus of its objectives.

from the Indonesian capital Jakarta drove West, the freeway is ordinary highway, then there is no asphalt road, sunny day the sky gray, rainy day a mud. That was the Lampung province capital of tanjungkarang county. Where high temperature and rainy weather, agricultural development, the main crop of rice, a year can be collected four seasons, known as Indonesia’s granary".

According to the U.S. AC

in a village of tanjungkarang, the intersection of a car body paint company Foma mosquito repellent incense brand "VAPE" and "elephant brand car, the car down two women and a man, dressed in a yellow shirt. Across a village on both sides of the road, every twenty or thirty meters there is a small grocery store about 10 square meters to sell a variety of daily necessities, called Valen". The car down the man and a female owner spoke: "a month didn’t see it." Then look at the store’s inventory of mosquito repellent incense, if there is a need to replenish replenishment on the spot.

when male employees and female owner chatted, two female staff had to get off, "Valen" behind a village "go"

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