Benxi to strengthen the focus on helping entrepreneurs

2015, all over the country have made certain achievements in the cause of entrepreneurship. In 2016, still need to continue. Recently, Liaoning, Benxi introduced 30 new policies to support employment and entrepreneurship, designed to provide assistance to key groups.

to reduce the rate of unemployment insurance. The personal rate from 1% to be adjusted to 0.5%, the rate of organs and institutions and enterprises were adjusted to 1.5% and 1% respectively by the rate of 2%. At the same time, before the end of 2020, the city will expand the scope of the unemployment insurance fund expenditures, to give enterprises post steady subsidy according to the enterprises and workers over the actual payment of 50% of the total, for the workers living allowance, pay social insurance fees, transfer of training, skills training and other related expenses, to reduce corporate expenses, stable jobs.

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