Children’s toys detonated on the opportunity to sell money fast

toys are children’s childhood partners, especially now the only child of the increase, the toy became a child of their sister brothers. Under normal circumstances, we buy toys, are talking about a buy, but you have heard of weighing the toy? If you think it’s weird, just explore the details!

see Teng Joan business is good, someone opened a retail store on the pounds sold toys in the community where home, one of his relatives in the field also opened up on the pounds sold a toy store, business is better than she. He said, " on the catty to sell " is a good " gimmick " most people’s subconscious will feel that plastic is relatively light, said Jin will be cheaper. The actual situation is also known as the majority of toys sold on the market than on the retail sale of toys cheaper in half, some only about 20%, but " on the catty to sell " the toy is also known as the packaging of the pound.

The success of the business on the pounds sold by

puerile. Teng Qiong said that the toys on the pounds wholesale profit is very low, some is flat out into the flat or slightly deficient, rely mainly on sales. Take Bobbi doll, the ex factory price of 15 yuan a kilogram, each box of 35 yuan freight, and a box of toys only 17.5 kg (2.5 kg box according to the price of toys is equivalent to the purchase price), to count to 20 yuan per kilogram of toys. If there is damage during transportation, it would be a loss.

puerile, also known as selling toys. The original backlog of goods, can be sold quickly, both to save the cost of the business, but also for the benefit of consumers. Of course, can also be obtained from the proceeds, the three benefit, why not?

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