Guangdong young entrepreneurs alliance in Dongguan to create

in the process of entrepreneurship, day collocation geography and people is particularly important thing, at the same time, in the period of the venture, at the right time is the key point of success lies.

in the national entrepreneurship boom, more and more young people to join the ranks of business. Daily economic news reporter noted that the meeting there are a lot of junior students, and a wide range of entrepreneurship in Dongguan to share the meeting, there are no shortage of college students or fresh graduates just figure.

any venture, cut the position in order to have value, vertical quasi position is the future. For example, Dongguan youth entrepreneurship, it is necessary to take full account of the geographical location of Dongguan." Liu said that Dongguan is located in the middle of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, while the political and cultural center of the provincial capital, while high-tech and modern finance is a special economic zone, Dongguan has several major development opportunities and advantages.

he believes that one of the opportunities in Dongguan to develop high-end manufacturing industry, vigorously develop modern and intelligent entity factory, but it should be noted that the modern intelligent manufacturing industry, not the OEM, but the organic integration and cooperation. For example, entrepreneurs in Shenzhen or Guangzhou to open the Brand Company, but will run a factory in Dongguan, Dongguan use this feature, can become the core of the two provincial cities to undertake the development of the docking area, gap area.

"analogy, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan region is the root of the tree trunks, branches and leaves is the area, and even landing fruit picking area." Liu seems to be reborn, Dongguan to do a wide range of logistics services and life and leisure services, such as the three industrial service area, to play the cost advantage, the construction of low-cost depressions. This macro direction, entrepreneurs can become the starting point, in order to seize the tuyere".

in "people", Liu Jian

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