Anyway, why not start their own poor

you might think that you’re too poor to start a business. So, why don’t you think so, anyway, you are already very poor, why not start a business? Entrepreneurial success, you can get rid of poverty and become rich, failed, the big deal continues to be poor, so the poor entrepreneurs do not necessarily have no advantage.

A, I was poor, I am poor "is the biggest wealth to the poor, entrepreneurship is poor, not entrepreneurship is poor because it is poor, why not my own business, entrepreneurship is the most rapid growth of the wealth of the poor road to wealth, entrepreneurs do not have rich flat, not afraid of education problem, without pay no promotion. I was the boss, the performance is the best witness to work, good performance does not mean your ability of a chemical industry, results from tens of millions to do 600 million, the boss said: "I such a large amount of advertising, is a pig can also be doing.". It turned out that the pig would say such things, but it didn’t make sense. Chinese is a developing country, developing countries means that there are many opportunities for the development of developing countries, it means that the work of 70%-80% and not high quality talents, junior high school culture industry is not fully qualified, the rich and the poor of the rich, 1 million yuan investment in the business industry, the poor can choose 10 thousand yuan to start the industry.

two, choose the industry, because the money is not much, you choose your most familiar with, you are a pig to see airplanes big profits, just want to build the aircraft, of course not, a screw aircraft, you can’t do it, do you also difficult to sell. Of course, your money is like a plane to fly to the winds. In their own understanding of the industry to see if there is no innovation worthy of tribute, innovation does not necessarily have to complete the scientific workers. For developing countries, so many projects still in the low level of the Internet so developed today, the atomic bomb information are likely to find, you have to find the egg chicken technology to find an easy job to do, a comprehensive analysis of technology, may find a point of innovation, to find the best innovation. Because of this, the idea of wealth, if not innovation simulation can also be? Of course, under the principle of legality.

four, looking for the market, because to learn from the teacher when you just grab a few customers, this is not enough. However, these customers have let your chicken will not freeze recommended

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