Easy to master the marketing stall cheats earn the first pot of gold in life

stall is a good choice for small business, if you do not have experience, may wish to look at this article. Friends from their own social practice, summed up a lot of experience, and provide reference to other users, this behavior is worthy of recognition."

1 ten stall cheats, the full market research, is the key to the success of the stall;

2, combined with the specific characteristics of the goods, to choose their own products;

3, is the key channel. Choose the best purchase channels, is a long-term and arduous task;

4, to break the concept of face, of the product, should have full confidence;

5, products avoid cumbersome, but cannot supply should be sufficient, in order to attract customers to buy; keep a good distance
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7, attention to the image. Even stall, one method of good neat image also attract customers;

8, operational flexibility, the price of up and down, to sell products for the purpose;

9, on the attitude, I remember: be neither humble nor pushy, not you do not sell the product!

10, common sense: pay attention to distinguish genuine banknotes.

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