Automotive beauty shop location tips

car beauty shops are generally open in where? Through daily observation, we can know that generally open in or near the roadside area, these sites can be worth reference business shop. If you want to open a shop, then how should the site? Come and learn.

core values is the shop shop recently, customers in the areas of greatest density, it accounts for about 45%-60% of the total number of customers. In general, the core area of automotive beauty radius of 4KM, due to the majority of customers to drive their own, the scope of the core business will be more extensive.

The peripheral

Analysis of

We should analyze the following elements of

is suitable for the following location opened car beauty shop: 1, car sales point (street) or around the vehicle, yunguanchu; 2, near the source of adequate, more functional hotels, sprinkle buildings and institutions; 3, the facade is located in the best parking lot, gas station or high-grade residential area adjacent; 4 or more times, interbank interbank shop lots; 5, shop around the road.

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