Hefei Kawangka tea shop – how to join a

people who live in Hefei know, Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street, there is a very busy business of milk tea shop called Kawangka, of course, this tea has been on the Hefei "gourmet" program. Of course, this is a foreign investment in the tea shop, if you want to invest in this tea shop, it will be a good choice.

as the saying goes, no rules no Cheng Fangyuan, everything is according to the rules, to open a tea shop is the same, of course, tea shop are also open their own process, only in accordance with the tea shop process to avoid detours. So, Hefei Kawangka milk tea to join, what is the flow shop today to introduce the next set of tea shops to join the process of Kawangka.

Kawangka Hefei tea is a very good choice, Kawangka joined the milk after the headquarters has a professional operations team, with a mature operating philosophy to help you run the shop, to the franchisee to provide a set of services and support! Kawangka milk tea stores are also in constant innovation and diversification, has changed the traditional tea a single taste of the situation, let the franchisees operate up also have more confidence.

Hefei Kawangka tea shop how to join? Kawangka tea shop process is as follows:

1, looking for store location

we all know a good store location, in the tea shop business is good or bad in the possession of a large proportion, but a good store is not easy to find, so we have to look for as soon as possible. Of course, if you do not have experience, we will also help you find a typhoon shelter tea, we have such a training course. Whether it is determined before joining, or after training to find, they must first look, so shop will be faster.

2, tea and training

say you choose our Kawangka tea, we will according to your requirements, for drinks and snacks for your training, and store operating strategy training, so as to ensure that our franchisees can better shop.

3, tea shop decoration construction

we will Kawangka tea in your training to your store store decoration design (existing stores, will not find in design) these are free, when you get the design, you can arrange for the store to decorate.

4, equipment raw material approach

we Kawangka tea will you order the equipment and materials to the local logistics delivery, you will need to approach the equipment and raw materials. Arrangement of equipment, raw material

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