The Spring Festival is not closing the Shanghai city express courier is still hot – the whole networ

Spring Festival as a traditional festival in our lives, everyone’s attention and attention, with the advent of the era of online shopping, online shopping during the Spring Festival is not convenient to collect things. Ali’s rookie League announced on 12, and logistics partners, not closing to continue to provide logistics services to consumers during the Spring Festival this year, we received on special purchases for the Spring Festival security. Rookie forecast, nearly 300 thousand couriers will abandon the New Year holiday, continue to fight in the workplace.

since January 8th, Xinyi, Vientiane, goodaymart logistics alliance, such as a large number of rookie partners has invested "logistics war special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival". Guangzhou, Jinhua, Shanghai to become the "special purchases for the Spring Festival shipments largest city festival". Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen is receiving the maximum amount of special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival city. In rural areas, the countryside and the city formed a foreign goods Tuhuo two busy to logistics link.

rookie , during the upcoming Spring Festival, in order to meet the needs of consumers shopping platform special purchases for the Spring Festival rookie, about 300 thousand couriers will stick on the job, the number of last year’s 120 thousand people have increased significantly.


" this year’s festival special purchases for the Spring Festival ‘and’ Spring Festival is not closing ‘coverage of the main city of the country, north to Heilongjiang, South to Guangdong, southwest to the Yunnan Guizhou Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu to the northwest, east to Jiangsu, rookie partner has been gaining momentum." Rookie League official, in the warehouse with respect, the Spring Festival does not close, will cover the super, home appliances, digital and other daily consumer categories.

Spring Festival in Shanghai and other cities are still hot, in the consumer market, we are sure that is a very good modern platform! Rookie League commitment, from January 21st onwards, no closing area consumers in the purchase of goods in Tmall supermarket will be served in accordance with the timeliness of the system agreement, if late, consumers can get rid of a single deal. The highest is 100 yuan per unit. It is reported that the rookie League "special purchases for the Spring Festival to arrive on time, late free single commitment will continue to the beginning of the six month, with consumers together.

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