The off-season village shops do

market demand, store operating season, for any one of the store operators, only need to do a good job, do not worry about the store revenue. However, just after the year year tense busy season, suddenly stopped, it really is a bit can not meet, but this is the natural law, no way, can only choose to accept and face, however, passive acceptance, or some unwilling.

as the saying goes: a year in the spring. Only the hard work of spring, in order to get the harvest in autumn fruits, as the retail merchant, just can take advantage of this rare off-season, sum up the past year on aftertaste business harvest, development of a new year plan it well.

over the past year, overall is good, through the efforts of recommendation, improve the grade of the cigarette shop, the profit increases, especially before the Spring Festival, lessons learned before, in advance to account funds to prepare, and communication needs next door neighbours and number of special purchases for the Spring Festival varieties, and several colleagues a study a team with group purchase market.

we go together, directly from the manufacturers purchased a lot need special purchases for the Spring Festival saving the purchase cost, the wholesale segment, because delivery timely, cheap, year sales of young goods, during the Spring Festival, also sold a lot during the Spring Festival holiday, the turnover and profits still very satisfied.

continue to maintain the sales season, but also want to take advantage of this period of time, do some adjustments and plans.

first, the use of this rare opportunity, the shop wall stucco, because my shop is rural old age, tile, paint the walls and roof off some dull, some old, plan to do a ceiling, then the walls repainted into white color, so a to the store, will give people a fresh and clean impression.

at the same time, the goods on the shelves rearranged neatly, for the new year gives people a feeling of the most important take on an altogether new aspect, is based on the original goods, according to the need to increase the variety of goods shop, expand the business scope, increase the degree of force recommended new cigarette cigarette brand, expand the scope of sales.

Need to

the most important one, as a rural store, farmers farming needs a large amount of chemical fertilizer, pesticide and seed, do a good job in the daily sales at the same time, I plan to take a picture released as agricultural warehouse, the new year sales increase of agricultural goods varieties……

in season do not have to worry about the source, we should do a good job in the shop service, so that customers can be satisfied with the service. And in the low season, we need to prepare for the busy season

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