The well-known fast food franchise brand recommendation

said that in the market economy system catering market is a sunrise industry, and fast food catering industry is not the brand, so there are so many fast food franchise brand? What brand is better? Xiaobian for you to list the following good brands.

famous fast food brands recommend

true Kung Fu

really Kung Fu Catering Management Co., Ltd., is the Chinese fast food industry in the top five of the only local brands, adhere to the "nutrition or steaming good" brand positioning, the main steam products featuring Chinese fast food. Founded in 1990 by Mr. Pan Yuhai, founder of the company in Dongguan, Changan, after the start-up period, standardized operation, brand operation, capital operation, to achieve a leap from individual enterprises to modern enterprise groups. As of March 2014, the number of real Kungfu stores reached 570, all over the country in 40 cities. Kung Fu Restaurant Management Co., Ltd., is the first to achieve the development of the national chain of Chinese fast food enterprises, is China’s fast food industry local brands.

nine flavor

Yantai nine flavor food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd.’s brand, "nine flavors" is based on the main chain of steamed stuffed buns professional enterprises, mainly to the characteristics of steamed buns. Nine flavor soup is called the first package; Fukuyama’s unique formula, and unique technology, superior taste, become an independent school in the breakfast market. Nine flavor soup from a farm in MR was founded in 2008, in 2011 the company began large-scale development of chain stores, the same year the national trademark office to apply for "nine flavor" trademark registration. A dozen square at the beginning of the store is now more than and 300 home chain stores across the country, after weeks of continuous research manager and hard try, now nine flavor has become everyone in the eyes of the stores, so far to study to join the training of friends have not


Yang Guofu hot

Harbin Yang Guofu spicy food service Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, is a professional engaged in spicy snacks and franchising large national chain catering enterprises. Its own: a number of food and beverage projects; a modern large-scale food processing plant; five national logistics distribution center. As of December 31, 2015, the national franchise stores more than 3500, the radiation of the northeast, North China, East China, Southern China and other regions, all over the country’s 25 provincial-level administrative regions, 3 municipalities, more than 200 cities.

as the leading brand of China’s hot and spicy industry, Yang Guofu set up five unified standards. Uniform trademarks, uniform store design, unified operation and service standards, unified product quality and taste, unified advertising. In strict accordance with the fast-food industry standardization model to expand the national store, scientific research and development of food innovation. Company and country

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