What are the conditions to join can taste the delicacy

now, the choice of delicious snacks, has always been a very popular choice, the quality of the project to join the choice, the business will choose to join the taste? Delicious food business opportunities. It’s easy to make money, isn’t it? So, the taste of what conditions?

must taste duck neck after years of development, already has a very efficient, competent and professional management team, to join the partner but also a set of mature management policies. So want to join the people is also more and more, but a lot of people for the taste of the conditions are not very clear, small series here to share with you the flavor of the conditions.

absolutely taste join conditions:

1, in the agent area has a good business reputation and management capabilities, have a good business sales has a fixed office space.

2, have a certain economic strength, good financial management ability, market concept and service consciousness.

3, with no flavor duck neck positioning business location, join the store operating area of not less than 15 square meters.

4, good operation and operation ability, can maintain long-term partnership.

5, comply with the company’s trade secrets.

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