My thirteenth man basketball game called first herdsmen

4 21 in the morning, hosted by the Provincial Sports Bureau, provincial agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai province people’s government, farmers and herdsmen Sports Association for the thirteenth farmers and herdsmen in Qinghai province men’s basketball tournament at the start of the Delingha city cultural activity center whistle, 12 teams, 150 athletes from across the province will launch a 5 day game.

at the opening ceremony, basketball hall crowded, many local people came to watch the game, Haixi ethnic song and dance troupe presented with folk custom dance performances for the audience and athletes, cheer for the basketball match up. It is understood that the competition to promote healthy fitness · concentric build Chinese dream "as the theme, the first stage grouping round robin, second stage cross system to determine the final ranking, China basketball match will use the latest audited" basketball competition rules ", every game is divided into four sections, each section 10 2 minutes break between two minutes.

this activity aims to stimulate farmers fitness enthusiasm, meet various spiritual and cultural needs of the broad masses of farmers and herdsmen, promoting the popularity of basketball development in rural and pastoral areas, national fitness campaign for strengthening the foundation of the masses, so that the province’s sports to maintain healthy and sustainable development. In addition, the event also opened for the State Bureau of 100 cultural and sports activities, the festival will promote the tourism popularity, sports and tourism to achieve the depth of integration, has important practical significance to expand the development of tourism space.


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