An accepted, collaborative management information management platform on-line trial run in the provi

recently, the province’s social assistance of an acceptance, collaboration for information management platform in the East District of Xining City, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Haidong city safe area officially put into trial operation, the initial realization of the difficulties of the masses online application acceptance, transfer to, feedback marking aid matters, I apply for social assistance, the difficulties of the masses stepping into the information era.

2014, my province to establish an acceptance, collaboration for working mechanism in all parts of the township (street) of the government affairs hall, business hall set up a relief application window, establish social assistance application processing, office, transfer to flow and apply the results of feedback methods, the difficulties of the masses for help matters effective solution. In order to further enhance an acceptance, collaboration for information and standardize the management of service level, last year, the provincial Civil Affairs Department to build the information management platform, through the investigation, more than 7 months of demonstration and debugging work, the information management platform has been put into trial operation stage, is expected in August this year, will start a comprehensive operation in the province. The platform started after the operation, will effectively integrate scattered in various departments between the social relief resources, realize the online application assistance, department to do referral and information feedback, statistical analysis, information docking, resource sharing, information exchange and other functions, and open up and the urban and rural minimum living security, urban and rural medical assistance, to apply for family economic check the status of the 3 systems, government departments and charitable organizations such as the difficulties of the masses of information sharing channels, the formation of an acceptance, collaboration for the rapid response of long-term mechanism for the construction of social assistance service system, improve the comprehensive effect of social assistance, further up the basic livelihood security prison tightly woven net, and earnestly safeguard the interests and difficulties of the masses. Through the service of the masses last mile has important significance.


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