Datong County, the town of temple on the village population cultural square start

9 on the morning of 6 July, Datong County population and family planning bureau held in the town hall on the bridge of the village population culture square, the town hall on the bridge to start the cultural center of the population of the village and the county health demonstration village, demonstration households recognition. City population and Family Planning Commission deputy director Ding Wei, deputy director of the county people’s Congress to spend, the Pei Township family planning director, deputy director, part of the township planning cadres, village director and demonstration demonstration households, the village head part of more than 1 thousand and 100 people attended the launching ceremony cum commendation. County population and Family Planning Bureau Bai Yongzhong presided over the launching ceremony and commendation. At the launch ceremony in recognition of the meeting, deputy director of the county people’s Congress to take the spoke, Pei has been awarding and recognition of leaders for the Kangfu demonstration village, Kangfu home demonstration households; Kangfu demonstration villages and demonstration households on behalf of a speech; the City Planning Commission deputy director Ding Wei announced the official population wide culture start; finally, part of the township of Kangfu family act as the main content of the family planning performance. Show people, self created Jingyang town and starred in the art show filial piety "six home", "sing Kangfu love girl" advocated hunyuxinfeng and new fertility culture colorful programs.

Qiaotou town, the village population culture square covers an area of 3000 square meters, a collection of publicity and education, leisure and entertainment, sports and fitness in one of the population cultural base. In the form of propaganda column, small stone carving and cultural wall, the square promotes the healthy, happy and harmonious concept of population culture, and realizes the harmonious coexistence between man and man, man and family, man and society, man and nature.

The construction of

population culture square, the square function is more complete, more distinctive theme, providing convenient conditions better and good cultural atmosphere for the village villagers amateur life, but also a window to create civilized villages and carry out cultural propaganda activities of the population. The construction of population culture square, the first production of publicity column, content to the birth of civilization harmonious happiness and good morals fresh honest and law-abiding family development healthy life ", the extensive publicity of population and family planning regulations, vigorously popularize Renkoujisheng science knowledge, health and happiness of family harmony, the spread of hunyuxinfeng, then making posting posters, making the family population" health, happiness, harmony, eugenics "content of the small stone, third, enhanced Renkoujisheng science knowledge dissemination and education influence, the dissemination of content, the policy of population culture spread into the literary creation and the masses from traditional art programs, creation and performance of the masses family planning, enhance the population culture dissemination effect and policy planning publicity.

in recent years, Datong County population culture construction remarkable achievements, built a total of 65 new compound population culture, family culture house 54, population culture wall of 1200 meters, the Population Culture Plaza 9, 5 population, population culture tea culture District 1, through the further development of cultural infrastructure, enhance the the population cultural tastes, highlighting the cultural characteristics of the population population, deepen the cultural connotation. Focus on the combination with reality, fully embodies the intensification of the construction of population cultural infrastructure, functionality, effectiveness. To create a population with local characteristics of the chase;

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