More than 800 parking spaces will be the first batch of remediation

There will be a demonstration park in the four districts of Xining……

of parking regulations, not standard, not reasonable with the ban, the ban, the integration of the integration……

West area will be more than 800 rectification unreasonable parking……

according to the planning and construction of urban and rural areas of Xining City Planning Bureau and the person in charge, through study and research, Xining city will vigorously renovation of the parking lot on the sidewalk, some do not meet the parking regulations, standards, not unreasonable, the ban will be banned, the integration will be integrated, the need for the section of the parking lot, parking lot will add some new.

why on the regulation of more than 800 parking spaces

"chaos too much, to the extent not rectification!" Xining urban planning and Construction Bureau official told reporters.

[PROBLEMS]: parking facilities are not standardized

the rectification of public parking facilities within the area of the main building is the use of back space settings, but existing settings are not standardized, set the subject too much, set the number of parking lot, setting occupy the road space and walking space, bring a greater impact on pedestrian traffic safety and comfort.[two]:

setting of the entrance is not reasonable

rectification region 54 street, victory road, city trunk road traffic;

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