36 key livelihood projects finalized

Recently, the provincial finance identified 36 provincial key special expenditure performance evaluation project this year, involving education, culture, agriculture, social security, ecological protection, health care, major infrastructure and other fields, the size of funds of about 30 billion 300 million yuan, representing an increase of 10%. It is understood that, in order to further improve the quality, focusing on special expenditure performance evaluation since the beginning of this year, the provincial finance focus on source control, detailed management links, in the beginning of the project selection set rules, in order to improve the quality of performance evaluation to create conditions. The provincial government identified key projects, and people concerned about people’s livelihood projects into the scope of the evaluation; a good grasp of the key special expenditure performance evaluation perspective, based on the fiscal expenditure evaluation itself, increase the policy fairness and efficiency evaluation efforts, optimize the allocation and use of various types of funds, benefit optimizing the structure of fiscal expenditure, improve the fiscal policy and financial macro-control functions play so as to provide reference for performance. In addition, according to the evaluation results using the actual weak, issued performance evaluation plan, improve the performance evaluation mechanism, and performance results using different ways to do a specific refinement, effectively promote the evaluation results, to improve the budget performance management effectiveness.  

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