Henan trunk roads do not rely on the creation of conditions to do

"to the rich, first road" which is a great reformer Comrade Deng Xiaoping said, in the process of economic development, improve the transportation infrastructure is the basic rigid condition. According to the development trend of the times in Henan, the positive political power is helpful to improve the enthusiasm of local governments.

6 28, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Communications Department jointly issued the "notice" on improving and strengthening measures for the management of general highway construction, from now on, ordinary highway construction project by the provincial development and Reform Commission approval, in addition to cross city, cross the Yellow River bridge and other major projects are clearly defined, the rest of the project all delegated to the provincial governing county, city, province (city) approval.

this is the provincial development and Reform Commission, an important measure to implement the State Council "decentralization, put the tube combination, optimize service", let the provincial governing county, city, province (city) enjoy full autonomy in the highway construction, "I want to change the former construction" to "I want to build".

was previously approved to do, do not do not approve. The future is not to rely on, create conditions to dry." After hearing the news, a secretary under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Transportation Bureau to tell his truth".

in accordance with the "notice" provisions, including by the provincial development and Reform Commission approval of the provincial governing county jurisdiction: City, province (city) the general highway construction project; the use of the central budget for investment, the central special construction funds, the central system of foreign loan of 500 million yuan and above, or the use of the central budget for investment, the central special construction funds and the total investment of 5 billion yuan also borrowed from foreign loans and above ordinary highway construction project; ordinary highway across the Yellow River bridge construction project. The rest of the general highway construction project feasibility study report, the project is located in the provincial city, the province directly governing the county (city) Transportation Bureau (Commission) to put forward the views of the industry, the NDRC approval.

"ordinary highway investment and financing mechanism of management system there are still some deep-seated problems, especially the project approval authority centralized at the provincial level, there will be a ‘right’ and ‘right’ does not match the situation, the adverse impact on speeding up the project preparatory work." Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said a person in charge of the basic industry.

it is understood that the approval authority for ordinary highway in our province after devolution, related to land use pre planning and site selection, environmental impact assessment, review, preliminary design and construction drawing design approval on the principle of synchronous lowering.

government power subtraction in exchange for grassroots vitality addition". In recent years, the provincial development and Reform Commission to promote the reform of the administrative system, the transformation of government functions, cancellation and decentralization of provincial investment approval matters 29, cancel 6, decentralization 7 administrative approval, non administrative license canceled, promote the government to improve governance capacity, to promote steady growth, play an important role in adjusting the structure, improve people’s livelihood. Recommended

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