Enhance the social impact of voluntary service

On the afternoon of July 24th, the city civilization Committee held a plenary meeting to further promote the city’s voluntary service. Municipal Committee, publicity minister, chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, municipal civilization committee director Wang Haihong speech at the meeting, the city civilization committee members to attend the meeting.

Wang Haihong pointed out that the voluntary service is an effective carrier to promote the city to create a civilized city, is a lively practice of building a harmonious society, is an important way to implement the socialist core values, to fully understand the importance of volunteer service work for us to improve the level of spiritual civilization construction, speed up is of great significance to promote a civilized city. Wang Haihong requirements, to the integration of resources, strengthen the publicity, and strive to improve the volunteer service of social influence, to integrate resources, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of members of the unit, and then to adhere to the project operation, and constantly develop and improve the volunteer service projects, to intensify propaganda, the popularity of the concept of voluntary service, and to deepen the network culture volunteer activities. To strengthen leadership, improve the mechanism to promote the comprehensive development of voluntary service, first of all to strengthen the organization and leadership, and then improve the working mechanism, and finally increase investment. Wang Haihong stressed that the social volunteer service, is a lofty social undertakings, volunteer service activities, specific measures to lead the social good fashion, is a powerful starting point for deepening mass spiritual civilization, is an important way of innovation of social management, is to create a national civilized city of reality. The city’s various regions, departments and volunteer organizations at all levels and the majority of the volunteers, to create a civilized city as a platform, with greater enthusiasm and high morale, more selfless love, as a positive, innovation, and create a new social volunteer service work in our city face.


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