Next year, 5 lines will update the bus

The reporter from the October 25th Xining bus Refco Group Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the bus company) was informed that with the needs of the adjustment and optimization of public transit network in our city by the end of this year, the city will purchase 333 new energy buses. It is expected that next year, the new bus will replace 1 road, road, road, road, road, road, 5, 25 bus routes of the existing vehicles to facilitate the public to travel 12 of the people of the world, there are no more than 2.It is reported that

, optimization network in the city to adjust the urban public transportation scheme, the main task of this year is the end of the purchase of new energy bus, car gradually put in place, from the beginning of 2016 January, the bus company plans to present 1 road, 2 Road and 9 road to replace all the new energy vehicles 12 meters long, and with the increasing number of vehicles to increase capacity. Such as 2 road from the existing capacity of the car to increase to 70 units of the 56. Replace the vehicle down, will be deployed to the 82 Road, 101 Road, 105 Road, 85 Road, 102 Road, 22 Road, 86 Road, 71 Road, 83 Road, 3 Road, 6 road, 11 road, 18 road, 19 Road, 28 Road, 4 road, 37 Road, in order to increase the capacity of the morning and evening peak but, the original part of the line has reached the retirement age of the vehicle will be scrapped.The new

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