How to do the daily management of bamboo fiber textile agency

home textile industry continues to develop, the emergence of many new brands and products, is now popular bamboo fiber home textile products, if you want to open a shop, then how should do a good job in management? A lot of bamboo fiber textile agents are very concerned about this issue, then let’s look at a small bar.

bamboo fiber home textile shop ceiling, walls, floors, counters and merchandise must be promptly cleaned every day, damaged things must be repaired or replaced in time, shall not play uncivilized audio and video products. Require employees to maintain personal hygiene, dress neatly, maintain a good image and mental state for customer service.

maintain sorting, rectifying, cleaning these three tasks, regular and irregular self inspection or mutual inspection, a few minutes to work every day to do a good job. Will be placed in the field of useful items placed in good classification, identification. In particular, sample price card, sales forms and other items should be placed neatly appearance, prevent jumbled together, things cluttered, in order to provide timely and thoughtful service for the customer.

bamboo fiber home textile shop regularly to staff training to ensure that each employee to develop a good life and work habits. Enable employees to provide customers with high quality and efficient service habits, so that employees can abide by the rules and regulations, can actively learn a variety of business knowledge. If the simple dogma, explain difficult perceptual knowledge, then the sales will have an impact.

bamboo fiber textile agents in the management, need to do a good job of environmental health management shop, in order to provide a comfortable shopping diameter for consumers, but also need to do the training work, starting from some of the details, let their own shops do better.

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