Xining District Four big the grass-roots party construction work

The party’s grassroots organizations are the cornerstone of the party’s work at the grassroots level, is to promote scientific development, leading the masses to get rich, close ties with the masses, to maintain the stability and stability of a strong core of leadership. In 2015, under the leadership of the municipal Party committee, district four to close to reality, the principle of life, the work of Party building and service combination and overall arrangement, and constantly sum up experience, to develop ideas, identify the entry point, to find new ways to explore new ways to pragmatic and effective measures to strengthen the grass-roots party construction work. Enjoy the party "big" article.

area to discuss, harmonious and orderly, perfect regional consultation mechanism, the establishment of a joint meeting to promote regional party building work, the different resources, different membership, loosely connected party organizations linked to Party building community, the establishment of public chamber, residents say things point 13, called switch associated units party joint meeting 26 times, the innovation of social management. To enhance the level of autonomy.

North: three to promote the "three basic level"

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