Xining city administration planning focus in 2016

December 24, 2015, the Bureau of the party in the four floor conference room held by the global middle class cadres to participate in the work of the planning ideas in 2016. We conscientiously sum up the successful experience, accumulated in 2015 the work of the meeting, the offices of center for people based on their own ideas and actively talk about pre planning next year to carry out the work, especially when it comes to research funding of key projects, we mood, talk freely, agreed that: in 2015 the overall work on a new level especially, strive to 400 thousand yuan (200 thousand yuan for energy-saving project funds to build such funds platform, 200 thousand yuan for water-saving units to create, for the first time) to apply for project funding "zero" breakthrough in history, and strive to next year the focus of the project funds doubled, we are full of confidence and hope to work in 2016.

in 2016, my bureau will be in the strong leadership of the municipal government, in the spirit of reform and innovation, in practice, to make administrative affairs work in the forefront. ;

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