Russian circus detonated Xining parent-child group

is the people’s Park staged the Russian circus become the best platform for the general public parent-child activities, the reporter learned from the active site, since entering the summer, 80% viewers for family circus in russia.

this is a narrow opportunity to narrow the distance between parents and children, by looking at the Russian circus together to enhance the understanding of the child." Many of the audience told reporters, usually children are busy learning, and parents are very small, with children watching the Russian circus, not only let the children see the growth, and gave the children a chance to relax, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow. It is understood, sponsored by the Xining municipal government, Municipal Bureau of forestry, Xining evening news co hosted the Russian circus national tour activities in the people’s park every two performances, have very ingenious performances, star Tiger, lion, animal bears, monkeys, sheep, horses, the group many star players and many programs won the international awards. The show is funny acrobatics, and thrilling tamer performances, there are large Russian dance, is a rare surprise, odd never show, the majority of visitors to bring a visual and auditory feast.

reporter yesterday in the people’s Park to see the scene, All seats are occupied., the mighty tiger, clever monkey, naive bear all won the applause of the audience, while Russian clown performances attracted the audience laugh constantly, especially the high wire act, the actor not only in the above Rulvpingdi, also jumped to all the audience look for. Let the audience hooked the acrobatic overhead trolley silk, the acrobatics in the CCTV 3 Series aired, I saw the actors with four hang silk soared into the air, or in the air or is the happy couple, Rondo, wow.

it is reported that, in order to provide more parents a rare parent-child opportunity, the organizer also launched promotions, namely the family unit, parents can be free with a child (under 1.4 meters in height, parents no longer enjoy fare discount).

Russian circus classic program inventory

– high wire: Actors hanging to a variety of difficult moves of the steel wire at high altitude, the slightest mistake will fall from the high, extremely dangerous.

– the buffeting bar is a very high requirement on team spirit of the acrobatic show, two actors with big bar, an actor in the bar to make vacated, flash turn maneuvers, flip juggling, excellent techniques, highly ornamental and a sense of shock.

– death runner by 3 more than 2.5 meters in diameter of the big wheel, the overall structure of a height of more than 10 meters above the actor in a rapidly rotating upper flywheel, without any protective equipment, jumping, and rolling, blindfolded circling, juggling clubs such as drama, there is life and death rate.

– sometimes funny clown: honest cute, naughty and clever, whether it is juggling, or naughty little game, they always make the audience.


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