Qinghai province price supervision and inspection measures from 2013 formally implemented

"measures" of price supervision and inspection of Qinghai Province,

meeting, the Qinghai provincial price supervision and Inspection Bureau Wang Hongwei on the main contents of the approach described. She said, in order to further strengthen the supervision and inspection of prices in our province, to improve the price regulation system, promoting the administration according to law, and to correct and deal with price violations, the introduction of a "solution" that is very necessary. This is not only from the system for operators to provide more and better price behavior, promote business law; provide the basis for the law enforcement department in charge of price, promoting administration according to law; also provides legal basis for the illegal behavior of consumers to identify the price, help them to adults.

Li Jianqing, director of the provincial government’s Legislative Affairs Office, made an introduction to the necessity and main features of the

. She said, with the rapid development of social economy in our province in recent years, illegal price showing characteristics of concealment and complexity, intelligent, price hikes, price fraud, price and misleading charges and other improper price behavior is more common. Due to the price law and the provisions of the administrative penalties for violations of the law and other laws and regulations on some of the market price order violations, violations of the legitimate rights and interests of the public price violations difficult to regulate. The "measures" the promulgation and implementation, to maintain normal price order and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and business operators, regulate the operators price behavior, has important significance to strengthen the construction of legal system and administrative departments of price etc..


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