The new Silk Road new dream new opportunities Guangcai Silk Road and 2015 Xining city development an



must go to the city?

because here you will be lit,

you will be done in the forefront of Xining moved!

because it is a holiday for all citizens and investors;

because it is a major economic and trade event in Xining;

because there are 200 billion investment projects to


because it will allow you to see every thread of urban change.



here the experience of eating and drinking will allow you to get enough addiction;

must go to the city fair!

here are a number of special offers for your selection;

must go to the city fair!

here the forefront of the most technologically advanced things waiting for you;

must go to the city fair!

here will give you a warm encounter with the future of Xining.


2015 Xining Urban Development Investment Fair held today!

September sun Yinghong, a frame of Xining sincere invitation. On the front page, "new ideas, new dreams, new opportunities" win-win, create a better future now, so clear.

it represents Xining to the world the sincere invitation, engraved with the construction of more beautiful new Xining declaration, witnessed in the country "The Belt and Road" strategy to win the opportunity to win the future, determination and play.

bamboo flute sound reminders of the early spring Liulv, Yumen Pass. 2100 years of history, given the rich cultural connotation of the city of Xining, leaving a precious historical relics. Continue to search, constantly explore, unremitting development, make more people into Xining today, with a unique view of posture.

national Belt and Road Initiative "development strategy, make the necessary Xining the ancient" Silk Road "and the road Tangfangudao, he stood on the new heights of the world, become an important node in the city connecting West Eurasian Economic zone. This is an opportunity for Xining and an opportunity for the world.

in the new context, the 2015 cities will be linked to the big project to the world out of the olive branch. Nearly 200 billion of the investment projects, enough to show that today’s Xining development space and motive, reflects the Xining municipal government to dry at the forefront in practice, and let the people have more good for life and happiness of the responsibility.

come on, let’s go to the town fair! Must go to the city fair!

Sonorous footsteps

let us listen to the development of Xining, to witness every wonderful moment in the development of Xining.


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