The use of vaccines in Shandong province without the problem

at present, the Shandong vaccine incident caused social concern. March 23rd, Ma Yongcheng, deputy director of the Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention on the relevant issues of concern to the masses of our province, accepted the reporter’s interview, and did a solution.

Ma Yongcheng Road, Shandong vaccine events in the news media reports, in order to ensure the safe and effective use of the vaccine in our province, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission attaches great importance to take immediate measures in March 20th arrangements for the Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention issued "on the province’s emergency investigation" Shandong vaccine "notice". As of March 21st 10, investigation work has been completed, I had no problem in Shandong province within the purchase and use of vaccines.

3 22, Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission according to the national health and Family Planning Commission "on the strengthening of the second type of vaccine use and management of the notice" and special arrangements, requires the province of local health departments to actively strengthen coordination and drug administration, public security departments to communicate with the relevant departments, investigation. To further strengthen all levels of disease control and vaccination units to strictly implement the "vaccine distribution and vaccination regulations" "vaccine storage and transportation management standard" specification, two types of vaccine management, guarantee the safe and effective vaccination of school-age children. At the same time, the organization of the provincial CDC personnel in the province to carry out on-site supervision of the investigation, has been completed in Xining, the city of East Sea site supervision work. Through the 12320 Health Hotline and the provincial CDC micro-blog and other forms and ways to answer the question of the masses of the vaccine and vaccination related issues in Shandong. Up to now, the province’s vaccination work has not been affected by the vaccine incident in Shandong, vaccination across the province in an orderly manner, there is no rejection of a class of vaccination phenomenon.

Ma Yongcheng introduction, the province in accordance with the vaccine circulation and vaccination regulations, the relevant requirements of the province’s all vaccination units were strictly managed.

with parents in the vaccination of children in a class of vaccine to provide routine immunization services unit vaccination vaccination; if it is the two kind of vaccine inoculation, inoculation with vaccine can request the relevant documents and batch information etc.. At present, the province’s basic immunization unit to achieve the Baidu map line, the residents of the area if you do not know the specific address of the specific vaccination unit can be found through Baidu maps.


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