Xining Haidong vegetable production and marketing cooperation framework agreement signed by the prov

July 23rd, Xining Haidong vegetable production and marketing cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony was held in Xining. Xining Municipal People’s government and Haidong Municipal People’s government signed the vegetable production and marketing cooperation framework agreement, Xining agribusiness company signed cooperation agreements and the east sea vegetables three vegetable production and marketing major. The signing of the agreement will play an important role in realizing the goal of ensuring supply, stabilizing prices and serving the whole province in Xining, and also marks an important step in the development of the enclave economy in Xining.

Xining as the province’s agricultural products circulation and supply center, with the city and speed up the process of industrialization, the "vegetable basket" products, especially vegetables demand increased year by year, the contradiction between supply and demand, "food basket" security is facing greater pressure. Thus, the development of the enclave economy, in addition to the city of Xining Province, the city set up a vegetable production base, to protect the city’s basket work was put on the agenda of the Xining municipal government. The East Sea city is located in the Huangshui River Valley, the Huangshui River on both sides of the Yellow River fertile soil and water conditions, moderate climate, local farmers have planted vegetables and the traditional experience, the East Sea, purple garlic, long pepper, chili pepper and turmeric film potato, vegetables and other characteristics of good taste and rich nutrition, is famous has always been the province, Haidong vegetables and main agricultural products producing and supply area, and has made important contributions to the city of Xining and the province’s "food basket" supply security. Therefore, the establishment of vegetable production base in the East Sea city is undoubtedly an important role in the protection of Xining food basket.

in another development, Xining will also adjust the vegetable planting structure, key breakthrough winter vegetable production bottlenecks, improve the winter vegetable production capacity is weak, insufficient supply, in Deyang city of Sichuan province for the construction of 10 thousand acres of Xining vegetable base. (author: Wu Yachun)

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