This winter 110 thousand birds fly to Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake scenic area protection and Utilization Management Bureau recently launched the first winter waterfowl monitoring inspections ended, monitoring records show, currently gathered in Qinghai Lake in 34, 2 species of Raptor waterfowl, birds number more than 114350, winter birds swan is speeding up to Qinghai Lake, now number more than 700.

waterfowl monitoring epidemic "barrier" set up

it is reported that the timely monitoring of community information master Anatidae, helps to clear its position and role in the wetland ecosystem, but also conducive to bird resources protection and utilization, but also provide a scientific basis for the Qinghai Lake wild birds epidemic disease monitoring work. Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Management Bureau to carry out the protection and utilization of the inspection work, conscientiously do a good job of basic natural resources and environmental protection work, summer time each month once every two months of winter amphibious inspections, a land survey for the inspections, waterfowl and Przewalski’s Gazelle habitat and vegetation biomass. The lake waterfowl monitoring inspection recently launched, opened the prelude to the winter lake patrol work.

the Qinghai Lake lake has begun the early freezing phenomenon, always on the move transfer whooper swans wintering birds and dancing singing Qinghai Lake tour in autumn and winter. Thousands of miles of ice, snow birds, a different kind of style, so that visitors experience another memorable mood Qinghai Lake.


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