Xining City, north of the city held 2012 Fun Food Culture Tourism Festival

in order to further accelerate the integration of culture and tourism development process, to further display the beautiful countryside and simple folk, traditional delicacy, rich summer mining public leisure life and promotion of rural tourism’s unique charm, July 28th, north of the city of Xining district held the theme of "cool summer, the charming village" 2012 Township Cultural Tourism Festival delicacy.

the delicacy Culture Tourism Festival is mainly to thoroughly implement the development of tourism and cultural integration, the large Baoziwan area into the Qinghai rural tourism model and urban leisure agriculture demonstration area, and promote rural area north of the city of beautiful scenery and simple folk, so long farming culture and rural popular photography exhibition, evoke memories and held. Through the activities of people happy to spend leisure time in the summer enjoy the cool, taste local delicacy, so that more tourists and the public to enjoy the summer Seongbuk rustic charm, feel the party’s policy to the change of village and new rural construction achievements.


event, in addition to the public free taste, delicacy, yogurt and other Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce summer watch wonderful performances and folk art, you can also watch the country photography exhibition, archery, wrestling, imposing percussion, martial arts performances, let the people happy life spirit of rural areas and farmers feel during the new period. (author: Xing Dong students Pengfan Suning)



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