Provincial Party committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Su Ning visit condole

9 10 on the afternoon of the bridge, the town of small stone hill community office filled with a festive atmosphere. The provincial Party committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Su Ning comrades in the Municipal Committee, Datong county Party secretary Comrade Yan Shujiang and Datong County deputy magistrate Li Shiying, County Civil Affairs Bureau Chen Mingcai, Qiaotou town Party Secretary Chen Yongqin and other leaders accompanied by cordial sympathy of the twelfth generation of the party, their small mountain community party branch secretary Comrade Zhou Yanfen.

chairman Zhou Yanfen shook hands with provincial Party Representatives and cordial greetings. Zhou Yanfen, chairman of Suning reported to the community and the basic situation of the small stone hill community made some achievements. With the party chairman Su Zhou Yanfen made a brief and cordial exchange, Su President affirmed Comrade Zhou Yanfen under the leadership of the small mountain community in recent years the achievements and concerns asked the Secretary Zhou encountered in the construction of community problems.

Suning stressed: the little things people is working on community affairs, community is the basic organization of the party, we must work from the grassroots level, grass-roots work well the work of our party will have a good foundation, Secretary Zhou as a grass-roots party organization Secretary of the Party branch must the role of grass-roots party organizations will have succeeded in carrying out an assignment to play the most incisive. Director Zhou as a grass-roots Party branch secretary and party a must not live up to the party and the people’s expectations and trust, to make their own contributions to the community, and make new contributions for the eighteen big hold smoothly.


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