Xining city government invited people to listen to concerts

with the improvement of people’s living standards, the streets of Xining in recent years, there have been a number of theaters, listening to a concert, it is no longer a difficult thing. But this seemingly simple entertainment, for some busy people at the grassroots level, but it is impossible to. Sanitation workers Ma Guangyan is such an ordinary grassroots people. The horse light Yan, not to mention the concerts, opera, even the theater door, she hadn’t in there for more than and 10 years, "to be honest, I have no time to see, are reluctant to spend the money." I heard the central government please attend the concert for free 54 sanitation workers, Ma light Yan from the bottom of my heart happy. To the scene, the staff also asked the sanitation workers sitting in the front row, she said happily: "the concert not only gave me a foreign meat, also let me feel the concern of the government, I feel warm."

2013 Chengzhong District New Year concert kicked off in a cheerful and festive Orchestra, known as a "Lanzhou foreign exchange city name card" – Lanzhou Symphony Orchestra, in France under the command of passionate young conductor Sun Ying, for 800 spectators inside offered or soothing, or lively, or high spirited "Aragon dance", "Carmen Overture", "flying" and other Chinese and foreign repertoire; Northwest flowers Prince Zhang Xinhua also brought flowers to the audience; the audience also enjoy the opera and foreign popular folk songs China. The whole concert lasted nearly 2 hours, the venue always sounded enthusiastic applause from the audience. That night after the end of the concert, Liu Guifang also feel a little more community residents, she said: "in the past can only watch the concert on TV, I didn’t think I would have the opportunity to see this scene performances, the concert was so wonderful, thanks to the central government will be such a wonderful program, we give people free, let us advance with joy the new year." (author: Rong Lijun)


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