The well-known experts in our province for pain pain medicine interrogation pulse

in order to improve our province pain physician level, promote the development of our province, the province by August 27th, pain, pain medicine of the fourth Institute of the new treatment technology seminar held in Qinghai Red Cross hospital.

pain medicine in the past two years has been the rapid development of the province, there are 11 listed pain department, of which 9 hospitals set up pain ward. However, due to the lack of basic medical care in the province, the lack of professional personnel, a large number of grass-roots pain patients can not be timely and effective treatment, seriously affecting the quality of life of patients. The seminar invited more than Dr. and doctoral research at home has long been engaged in clinical work of pain and pain related field experts to teach, the latest progress of mutual exchange and summarizes the domestic and foreign pain medicine, new theory, new technology and new methods for the promotion and popularization of the diagnosis and treatment of pain.

pain experts to remind the majority of patients, to hide the pain on the one hand will delay the disease, will increase the suffering of patients. When there is pain, can not eat painkillers, should inform the medical staff in a timely manner, and through the treatment to eliminate pain, long-term pain patients can be set up to open the pain clinic hospital.


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