The province’s military enterprises build a model village tour group members to observe the inspecti

9 11 in the morning, deputy head of the Vice Minister of Organization Department of provincial Party and military enterprises build a model village "activities leading group Wang Zhiming led the province’s" military enterprises build a model village campaign tour group members more than 100 people to the Datong County inspection "military enterprises build a model village" activities. Municipal Committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang, the county magistrate, county government enterprises build a model village campaign group leader Han birth before the main leaders attended the demonstration.

tour group members first came to the flags flying, the rich multicolored decorations Dong Xia Zhen listen dolong village, through the exhibition, conduct a detailed understanding of the basic situation and the military and political activities to build duolong village enterprises build a model village ", and field visits to the village level activities and duolong farming culture academy, learn from the village of duolong make full use of the national Forest Park kite ditch scenic geographical advantage, build the farmhouse" dolong mode ", and the village building activities in the duolong keep the wall is neat and innovative ideas, designed Kang smoke is highly.

tour group members then went to Shuo Bei Xiang Taiwan village to understand the drug maker, to carry out the drug maker Taiwan Village building activities in various construction projects, check the activities to build all kinds of archives, visited Taiwan cultural square drug maker rich multicolored decorations and leisure culture corridor, and the main roadway in the field view of the village. Provincial and municipal leaders visited farmers at home, a detailed understanding of the situation of people building, Taiwan village "military enterprises build a model village" drug maker fully affirmed, especially to build Taiwan village carpenter medicine achievements gave a high evaluation, and strive to the requirements of the village into the province’s "military enterprises build a model" the model village village.

finally, provincial and municipal leaders in Datong County "military enterprises build a model village" activities will continue to grasp the progress, quality, and the village should actively build units and enterprise communication and coordination to implement the agreement as soon as possible, at the same time, environmental remediation as a key task of the work task, strengthen remediation efforts to ensure do not leave health corner, to consolidate the achievements of construction.


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