Provincial Party school system held a theatrical performance

September 23rd, to celebrate Chinese people’s Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war 70 anniversary, to meet the People’s Republic of China 66 anniversary of the founding of the Party school system, "in praise of victory, chasing the dream show at the provincial Party school auditorium opened.

by the city (state) school, enterprise party school and other departments more than and 600 people participate in the festival, divided into the Party school system of campus good sound concert and dance performances of two plates. Show a total of 32 programs, a collection of solo, chorus, dance, music poetry recitation and other art forms, sing the main theme, transfer positive energy.

the festival is the Party school system and vigorously promote the socialist core values and the cultivation of party spirit, the accumulation of specific action of cultural heritage, to create a harmonious atmosphere, creating characteristic of universities, to show the new achievements of the party and the State Party hot feelings, high spirited spirit to the cultural construction and.  

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