Wang Yubo’s work on cultural relics protection in Xining

"in the process of building the social and economic development, the modern city, we must have a strong cultural sense of awe, cultural roots to protect the city’s cultural heritage, good memory of the city, to ensure that the city has a long history and culture be handed down from age to age." September 16th is the weekend, deputy secretary of Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo stressed in the research work of protection of cultural relics, cultural relics is a city of precious cultural relics, is an important symbol of the historical heritage, cultural resources are non renewable, and protect the heritage has very important historical value and practical significance.

the same day, Wang Yubo, vice mayor of the city government and the general office of the city, the city of finance, planning, culture, broadcasting, cultural relics management and other units responsible comrades accompanied by the investigation of cultural relics protection work in the city of Tong Wang. Wang Yubo and his entourage investigation of the Shan Shan hall, TASI, Hongjue temple, Confucious’temple, Town God’s Temple, Liao Ai’s former residence, the court building, butterfly garden, courtyard, perfume Mu Qing Tang Ruins Park, North Temple, five peak academy, Datong County Su Jia Bao City sites, Huining temple and other cultural relics relics. Every place, Wang Yubo detailed understanding of the history of cultural relics, protection measures, as well as future protection planning.

Wang Yubo stressed the need to do a good job of cultural relics protection, we must first planning, planning lead. For each cultural relic, we must combine the overall planning of Xining City, combined with the long-term construction and development of the city, the development of practical, without regret protection plan. Correctly handle the relationship between cultural relics protection and urban construction, so as to make rational use of cultural relics in the protection of cultural relics, and protect the cultural relics in reasonable use. Second, we must fully tap the protection of the city of every piece of cultural relics. City culture, cultural relics protection departments to comprehensively investigate the status quo of the city’s cultural relics, mining, collecting, sorting a number of influential, content, content of cultural relics and historic sites, enhance the city’s sense of history and culture. Three to increase the protection of cultural relics protection efforts. To develop a detailed plan for the maintenance of the implementation of each of the cultural relics protection programs, especially the current need for maintenance and protection of cultural relics, to arrange special funds, timely maintenance and protection. Municipal Finance, cultural departments to increase efforts to increase the intensity of special funds for cultural relics protection, a number of cultural relics and monuments to be maintained every year, do a good job of cultural relics, effective measures to protect properly.

Wang Yubo finally asked, whether it is the cultural relics protection departments, or cultural workers, we must do a good job of deep excavation of cultural relics. The Department of cultural relics protection to loneliness, calm down to seriously study the cultural value, deep cultural connotation, carefully protect the cultural relics. Cultural workers are the pioneers of the city’s historical context and the defenders of the city’s history and culture. To establish a correct orientation of cultural relics protection, increase publicity efforts to protect cultural relics, and guide the whole society to respect cultural relics, cultural relics protection. Through our joint efforts, so that the city’s cultural memory protection, management, good use, so that the ancient city of Xining presents more cultural heritage, highlighting the charm of the ancient city of culture. (author: Sheng Nan)


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