Qinghai province court online handling standards (Trial) promulgated

October 14th, the provincial high court held in Xining, Qinghai province court online handling standards (Trial) issued a press conference.

"Internet plus" era, information technology has permeated and influenced all aspects of the work of the court. In 2014, the high court took the lead in achieving the online handling work in the province of the court system, proposed earlier this year by the end of 2015, the basic realization of the province’s court online handling, and emphasize the information application ability as a prerequisite for the amount of judges. September 25th, the Provincial High Court adopted the "Qinghai provincial court online handling standards (for Trial Implementation)". Online handling standards, mainly involving the case of digital information, intelligent judge cases, fine trial management, justice for the convenience of the people, the five aspects of public justice normalization of the 24. Reflected through the promotion of online handling, the whole process of implementation of cases handled online, online data extraction, process control, online approval, online public matters online display, evaluation was carried out online, the online trial management. The content of the standard of handling the case on the Internet has been comprehensive, specific, important nodes, the key work is strict and standardized, and it has a strong guiding role in carrying out the work of handling the case on the court of the province.  

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