Xining meteorological observatory issued a yellow warning wind

December 4th, the author learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, affected by the eastward drift of Xinjiang cold temperature trough, windy weather occurred in Xining, Xining meteorological observatory was released on the same day 15 strong yellow warning signal. The next three days, Xining will be shrouded in windy weather.

according to the city meteorological observatory forecast for the next three days, the next three days the city mainly cloudy sunny weather, no precipitation weather. But in the next three days, the Xining region has a dry weather, the maximum wind speed of more than 6 northwest wind will accompany the public to spend the time of three days. Temperature, the maximum temperature range is not large, the lowest temperature drop, the lowest temperature in the city or down to 15 degrees below zero.

addition, the city meteorological station on December 4th at 15 o’clock in Xining area (jurisdiction over three counties) strong yellow warning signal. The next 8 hours is expected to have a range of 7 to the west wind, gust of wind, and some areas with dust weather, the relevant units and personnel to do a good job of preparedness to prepare for the 9 hours in the next 12 hours. (author: Jin ran Wang Haie)



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