To simplify the trial process car convenience measures introduced Xining city vehicle administration

February 22nd onwards, the relevant departments of the organization to visit the group of Xining civilization window unannounced visits to various groups in unannounced visits to the group found that the Xining City Administration of vehicle management around the car a serious phenomenon. In this regard, the Xining city vehicle administration to carry out a special vehicle for special rectification action.

Xining City Vehicle Administration for four consecutive months of remediation, persuasion, combat, while simplifying the car review process, the introduction of convenience measures, at present, Xining city vehicle administration has been basically around the car has disappeared. With the increase in the number of motor vehicles in Xining, every day to come to the city vehicle administration for the business of an endless stream of people, car breeding. Xining city vehicle administration staff found that the cause of the car "illegal intermediary" is because the hospital is to detect line detection of vehicle vehicle detection and the only way which must be passed, the process cumbersome, slow speed, the car will start up the chance. As the vehicle to handle business people to create a convenient and civilized environment, in March this year, the channel isolation between Xining city and Xining vehicle administration motor vehicle inspection center, and open channels for detection of vehicles, and to the car for the business vehicle still choose the original gate. At the same time, Xining motor vehicle inspection center also simplifies the process of the trial car, vehicle security, exhaust detection to implement a line of service. In addition, in order to crack down on the car, Xining city vehicle administration deployed police and SWAT patrol vehicle in the hospital, and published telephone consultation and supervision to the society, and accept public supervision, and increase the security patrol in the vicinity of testing center site and channels, to maintain the normal order, in order to protect the people convenient, civilized inspection vehicle. (author: Liu Peng)

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