Expert Committee on food safety risk assessment

The Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission recently set up provincial food safety risk assessment expert committee and the provincial local food safety standards (enterprise) Accreditation Committee of experts, the food safety risk and the establishment of the 7 members of the evaluation of chief expert group, to implement a comprehensive health monitoring food safety risk assessment and food safety of local family planning administrative departments bear (enterprise) standard management responsibilities, give full play to the role of "sentinel". Two expert committee by the provincial food safety administrative departments, inspection and testing departments, research institutions, colleges and universities in the selection of experts to recommend the introduction, each composed of 56 experts. The food safety risk assessment expert committee is mainly responsible for food safety risk assessment work, and participate in the formulation of food safety risk assessment related monitoring and evaluation plan, proposed food safety risk monitoring and assessment of the recommendations, research to develop food safety risk monitoring and assessment of relevant policies and normative documents, carry out the food safety knowledge popularization personnel training other related work. The local food safety standards (enterprises) evaluation expert committee is mainly responsible for the formulation of local food safety standards that provide technical consultation on major issues concerning local food safety standards, food safety standards for enterprises to guide the technical review, participate in food safety standard tracking evaluation and personnel training and other related work.  

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