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for the job people, every Friday night at nine, there is a need to the delicacy about "tongue on the Chinese". The "tongue" are not only let chowhound slobber, let the food and beverage industry ushered in the "golden season".

In fact, around the

in Chinese long culture, the most representative of the "food culture" is undoubtedly a thick and heavy in colours. Characteristic snack is an indispensable part of Chinese diet, and become one of the main contents of Chinese diet. Each region has its own unique flavor, known as the local specialty snacks.

The origin of

Soybean Milk, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, and don’t underestimate steamed rice and vegetable roll…… these ordinary breakfast, also can become entrepreneurs to a stepping stone to success. The number of people who do not eat breakfast or eat breakfast at home is only 1/3 of the total number of people surveyed, more than half of people often eat breakfast outside. At present, although many city launched a national breakfast project, provide nutrition assured breakfast for the public, but the breakfast market overall, national satisfaction is not high, the production quality and sanitation of breakfast there is a big problem.


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