Light rail network planning program Xining light rail and bus station zero transfer

At the beginning of last month, the west city and the "Xining light rail line test section opened in September" after the news, attracted the attention of the general public. Reporters learned from the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission, at present, the Xining light rail network planning program has been reported to the Xining municipal government, the principle of consent, pending further examination and approval. Light rail specific planning details, the first half will be clear and announced to the media. In an interview with the head of the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission in charge of light rail project, the reporter got a few more certain news:

· according to need to build 1, No. 2, line 3

is currently the most, one thing is certain, Xining city will strive to test section at the end of September to start the construction of line 1, but due to the current approval process not all over, the specific direction of line network has not disclosed. In the planning, the light rail has a total of No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, three lines, in addition to the 1 line is the first to start building, No. 2 and No. 3 line will be in accordance with the Xining city social and economic development, population growth and other factors, gradually in accordance with the planning network construction, to ease traffic pressure on the city and intercity traffic connection the purpose of.

in addition to the test section, as to when to formally start building light rail line 1, the time has not yet been determined. Because of the light rail network planning has a lot of work, the line network planning approval, the construction plan can be clear, the whole light rail construction projects linked, very strict. In addition, the light rail construction in the future, but also in accordance with the development trend of the construction of the eastern city of the province, will be included in the city of peace network line.

· along the site will be built in the crowd gathering area

light rail along the site will be arranged in what place? Is a densely populated bustling main road, or open to facilitate the establishment of the surrounding urban areas? This can be clear that, in accordance with the national planning requirements for the construction of light rail, light rail stations will be built along the crowd gathered in the area, will not be like social rumors, built around the city. Because the purpose of the construction of light rail is to ease traffic pressure in urban areas, diversion of the crowd.

· and zero transfer of city bus

light rail construction, in the end is to travel for the public service. In the future, it will also be closely linked with the city bus station, large and medium-sized transportation hub, to achieve the purpose of zero transfer." Xiong Haiqin, deputy director of the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission said. This, the city of Xining will be built with the light rail to maintain the same city. Light rail can not reach the city roads and the branches, will be completed by the city bus, light rail lines and bus lines to complement each other’s service effectiveness, improve accessibility.

· drive along the employment

there is no doubt that the construction of light rail will directly promote the socio-economic development of Xining, and promote the financial sector, the service sector;

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