Chase to build modern agriculture with industrial ideas

agricultural facilities, industrial scale, factor recycling, product branding, marketing……" Since 2010 was recognized as a national modern agriculture demonstration area, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Industrial Development Concept of modern agriculture, with reference to industrial technology innovation idea, capital operation concept, product marketing concept and a series of ideas, has come out a "pass" pattern of the plateau characteristics of the modern agriculture development way. Up to now, Datong County has built an agricultural demonstration base 12, greenhouse 21 thousand, the total output of vegetables exceeded 280 thousand tons, the transformation of the farmers do industrial workers in the 17 thousand.

June 17th, along the Datong mountain under a rural road, the reporter came to the town of Liangzhou, located in the village of Datong Datong modern agricultural demonstration park. In a piece of green fields, one of the characteristics of the greenhouse in front of us. If you don’t see the sketch map of greenhouses on the wall, it is difficult to find these at what is unique. The secretary with Datong county agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau Zhao Changsheng introduction, these differences in our common greenhouse greenhouses in the design and construction, the biggest advantage is the use of waterproof and insulation quilt plus air brick, improve the greenhouse temperature, cultivate anti seasonal vegetable.

Datong combined with their own natural resources and national conditions, explore the ways of the mode and mechanism of the innovation and development of modern agriculture in plateau environment, enhance the comprehensive application of modern agricultural technology in minority areas and the ability of leading industry, the development of modern agriculture has a typical demonstration and model significance in the Tibetan plateau.

is located in high altitude areas of Qinghai, due to the impact of high altitude climate, the development of anti season vegetables has been plagued. "We want to break the bottleneck of the development of anti season vegetables, must do this in the design and construction of greenhouses, as long as the guarantee of greenhouse temperature, this problem will be smoothly done or easily solved." In the design and construction of greenhouses, Datong fully learn the advanced experience of the developed area of agriculture, according to local conditions, technical improvements in many aspects in the wall thickness, roof type structure, the solar energy greenhouse temperature improved than the original greenhouse increased by three or four degrees Celsius, prolong the growth period of winter vegetables.

Datong modern agricultural demonstration base of each greenhouses hung on the wall there is a map, through this chart, we can find the features and functions of each of the greenhouses. Zhao Changsheng said, every greenhouses park has characteristics. This small initiative is a vivid portrayal of Datong County with the development of modern agriculture industry philosophy.

into the greenhouse, Starr Zhen Liangzhou Zhuang village Ma Yujuan is watering the purple cabbage seedling. In the black blood shaped seedling basin is overgrown with dense purple cabbage shoots, in Ma Yujuan’s operation, hanging in the air faucet spray mist evenly in shoots on. "Now you don’t need to water the watering pot, just press the button to finish the work." Ma Yujuan is said to be a micro spray technology, that is, the use of sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, micro irrigation and other forms, to complete the watering seedlings;

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