North District Federation of trade unions to carry out a series of activities to send warm autumn

in the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday approaching, union with general Seongbuk proposed "face to face, heart, hard work of the masses", carried out a series of warmth activities.
A, carry out the "send warm autumn activities". In September 26th, Chaoyang Square held a "warm" autumn area for the 460 sanitation workers to send out holiday greetings, let sanitation workers their deep feelings to the party and the government’s care, let them feel the warmth of the trade union organization, to enhance the cohesion of the trade union organizations to gather people, warm and stable the hearts of the people, promotes the harmony and stability in our region.
two, to carry out care for migrant workers activities. In order to further implement the twelfth provincial Party Congress spirit, deepen the grassroots, down to earth, do practical activities, to further increase the migrant workers attention, care and love, let them feel more warmth of the party and the government, feel the unions for their care. September 27th, the District Federation of trade unions in the north of the environmental sanitation Park and office building construction site for 50 migrant workers held a free medical card.
three, carry out condolences Lamor activities. In September 28th, the District Federation vice president Wang Qicheng led the staff to the area workers home condolences for the national model worker Mei Lanfang’s home, asked in detail about the life and health of Mei Lanfang, on behalf of the District Federation of trade unions to extend holiday greetings to her, and the cakes and other gifts to the hands of Mei Lanfang, let the workers feel that the party and the government’s concern. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of the City Federation of trade unions, the area of 5 frail national model workers free physical examination.
four, single, difficult to carry out care activities of female workers. In order to ensure the health of female workers single difficulties, let them spend a happy and healthy holiday, September 27th, District Federation of trade unions after investigations, the jurisdiction of the 20 difficulties, single female workers issued a "two cancer free medical card.


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